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CrowdCircus Partnerships

Here at CrowdCircus, we are very open to all kinds of partnerships. The following examples should briefly illustrate how a partnership with CrowdCircus can look like in practice. You are interested? Then please contact us directly by using our contact form.

Research partnership

Our comprehensive, proprietary crowdfunding database allows us to create a wide range of targeted evaluations and analyzes. CrowdCircus can easily support you in delivering customized data sets as well as studies or reports. For more information, please visit CrowdCircus Research.

Media partnership

In our opinion, the overall public awareness and acceptance of crowdfunding as a serious funding and investment alternative can still be improved substiantially . As a result, CrowdCircus is actively and constantly looking for synergy effects and cooperations with media companies.

Event partnership

The planning and organization of specialized crowdfunding events and conferences is a central goal of CrowdCircus. Apart from conducting our own events, CrowdCircus is also happy to endorse and promote relevant third party events via event partnerships.

Marketing partnership

Whether you are a crowdfunding platform or the initiator of a crowd-project: CrowdCircus would be happy to support you in succeeding by boosting your visibility in a most relevant target group. For more information on how such partnerships can look like, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Other partnerships

CrowdCircus has not set any limits with regards to the scope and variety of potential partnerships. If you have further ideas regarding a potenial partnership or synergy with CrowdCircus, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

Parnership inquiries

Interested? All inquiries can be directed to us directly via our contact form.